December 12, 2015 rehearsal, with vocalists and chamber strings.

Photos by Tom Miller.

Photo credits to The Jeff's Photography

May 15, 2016: Spring Concert, with trumpet feature and soloists Alison Holmes Adams and Lamar Helms.

June 7, 2015 concert.

Featured Soloist: Alison Holmes Adams

Photos by Kelsey Butcher Photography

Spring Concert 2017 Photos:

February 6, 2016: Concert at University of Alabama, with guest conductor Vincent Rosse.

Left: 2017 GMEA In-Service Concert

Below: 2016 Celebration of the Season Concert:

November 15, 2014 concert

Featured Soloists:

Carlo Calcagnini: clarinet, Brittany Patterson: soprano, and Andrew Smathers, tenor

Photos by audience members

December 12, 2015: Celebration of the Season concert, with guest chamber string ensemble and vocal ensembles

Men of 'Hardt and 'Hardt Breakers. Also featured, vocal soloists: Alison Holmes Adams and Sam Holmes
Photos by The Jeff's Photography