June 7, 2015 concert.

Featured Soloist: Alison Holmes Adams

Photos by Kelsey Butcher Photography

December 12, 2015: Celebration of the Season concert, with guest chamber string ensemble and vocal ensembles

Men of 'Hardt and 'Hardt Breakers. Also featured, vocal soloists: Alison Holmes Adams and Sam Holmes
Photos by The Jeff's Photography

Spring Concert 2017 Photos:

February 6, 2016: Concert at University of Alabama, with guest conductor Vincent Rossi.

November 15, 2014 concert

Featured Soloists:

Carlo Calcagnini: clarinet, Brittany Patterson: soprano, and Andrew Smathers, tenor

Photos by audience members

May 15, 2016: Spring Concert, with trumpet feature and soloists Alison Holmes Adams and Lamar Helms.

Photo credits to The Jeff's Photography

December 12, 2015 rehearsal, with vocalists and chamber strings.

Photos by Tom Miller.

Left: 2017 GMEA In-Service Concert

Below: 2016 Celebration of the Season Concert: